Cardiff 2018 – Looking back

Die 6B-Klasse steuerte heuer im Rahmen Ihres Sprachaufenthaltes vom 19. bis 28. September 2018 eine neues Ziel an – die walisische Hauptstadt Cardiff. Wir haben versucht, in die walisische Kultur einzutauchen, unsere Englischkenntnisse vielfältig anzuwenden und zu vertiefen, den Lebensalltag in Wales und bei uns zu Hause zu vergleichen. Mit vielen unterschiedlichen Eindrücken im Gepäck sind wir vor wenigen Tagen nach Graz zurück gekehrt. Über einige besondere Momente berichten die folgenden Aussagen.

A moment of amazement

When we got off the plane - I couldn‘t wait to explore Cardiff. (Jan)

A moment of excitement

It was a moment of excitement when we were sitting in one of the classrooms of your language school waiting for our host family to pick us up. What would it be like? How would they look like?

I think we couldn‘t have been luckier with our host mom. (Lea)

A moment of fun

The language teachers wanted us to do a quiz. To find the answers, we were supposed to interview some Welsh people in the city centre. This was really fun and interesting because you got in touch with the local people using their everyday English. Some of them were very polite, some weren‘t. All in all this was a funny experience. (Andreas)

A moment of fascination

One afternoon, we went to Big Pit, a former coal mine, and took a lift down 90 metres below the surface. Our guide told us a lot of interesting facts about working conditions, even about working animals, in former days. The circumstances were cruel. It was very dark and quiet down there. Luckily, we were supplied with head torches. (Konstantin)

A moment of surprise

We went to the Mumbles and it was so beautiful there. The beach was amazing. I was taking some photos of the lighthouse when I suddenly saw a sea lion in the sea. I was surprised and so happy because I have never seen one before. Some of the boys even went swimming but it was too cold for me. (Nina)

A moment of happiness

After a great lunch at Bill’s we explored the centre of Bath. We took funny pictures and enjoyed the rainy weather a lot. There was also a very good street musician, we all enjoyed his music. (Anna)

A moment of beauty

When we were in Swansea we went to the highest tower and took the lift to the top where we had an amazing view. We saw the beautiful beach, the city, the harbour and the gorgeous green hills in the background from up there. It was more than fascinating. (Hanna)

A moment of fascination

It was definitely a moment of fascination when we entered Caerphilly Castle because I was impressed by its size. I also loved walking around there because you could really imagine how life in a castle must have been like. (Albert)

A moment of surprise

I really enjoyed our little “hike“ through Bute Park. It‘s a very quiet, calm and peaceful place situated in the middle of the city. I remember walking over a little bridge and seeing the water of the river Taff reflected in the sunlight. (Maxima)

A moment of fascination

Walking along the beach and climbing the rocks gave me a feeling of freedom. When I arrived at the top I had a wonderful view and it reminded me how big and beautiful the world is. It was an unforgettable feeling standing there and looking down to the ocean. The Mumbles were amazing. (Alex)