London Calling

10 Days in London is not enough, that much is clear. However, considering the sheer size of the city, it is astounding how much we got to see in these 10 days that felt more like ten hours. Even though we were off to a rough – or rather windy – start, our journey to dear old Blighty went smoothly and soon everybody was enjoying their first English dinner with their host families in Beckenham.

Day one passed in a whirl of first impressions, including the first day at King’s language school, the first train ride into the city, and the first panoramic view of London at SkyGarden. Unfortunately, the terrace, which offers a sweeping vista of the city, was closed due to strong winds. The second day took us to the Queen’s humble abode, where we could pretend to be royals for an hour as we roamed the venerable halls of Buckingham Palace. Saturday allowed for a more relaxed start as we headed into town around 9 o’ clock and met up with Aisling in front of the Globe Theatre. With Shakespeare on our minds, we travelled back to Elizabethan times (and to the gift shop, of course), before doing a radical time jump to the Tate Modern in the afternoon.

On Sunday, we were ‘blessed’ with London weather and, hence, spent most of the day inside, exploring the National Gallery in the morning and the Westfield Mall in the afternoon. Monday saw a return to the language school and an adventurous afternoon at the Tower of London. Taking advantage of the perfect autumn weather, we got to explore London town by foot on Tuesday, followed by a visit to the British Museum on Wednesday. As our trip was slowly but surely coming to an end, we enjoyed the musical School of Rock on our last day in London, although not without feeling a bit wistful. Our time in London was filled with culture, learning, and fun facts that really made it a one-of-a-kind trip.

Finally, there is only one thing left to say: Keep calm and don’t applaud when the plane has landed.

MMag.a Nici Hofstadler